Every image has a story. It was Art Basel and I remember bits and pieces of how I was able to get these two photos. I remember going to the Faena on Miami Beach and behind the hotel, on the sand, there was a tent. The line was outrageously long and there was security at the front handing out wristbands. I can’t recall if I was on the list or not but I know I told someone a bullshit story that night that allowed me to do something I wasn’t supposed to do. Maybe that was slipping into this event with my Canon 1DX MKII. I had an L series lens 24-105 a 4.0 along with my Ex-RT 600 flash. (By the way, this flash is by far my favorite because of the autofocus capabilities.)

My first rule is always to shoot to be iconic. Get a moment that looks grand. Personally, I’ve always loved black and white photos. Something about the absence of color makes you process more of the detail and scene of the photo because you aren’t distracted by all the beautiful colors.

That was the case for this shot.